Saturday, December 26, 2009

What I Got My Samsung Code For Xmas-Part 1

For those that are new to this blog, I use my Samsung Code almost exclusively for business.

I find myself on the phone anywhere between 3-4 hours every day and the need to be handsfree (so I can work on the computer, take notes, etc.) is an absolute must.

So after reading both PC Magazine and CNET reviews on bluetooth devices, I didn't know whether to purchase the Aliph Jawbone Prime or the Plantronics Voyager Pro (incidentally, the Voyager Pro was selected the Editor's Choice by both PC Mag & CNET).

Well despite conventional wisdom, I'm extremely happy that I decided to purchase the Jawbone Prime. Read on to get my thoughts on this bluetooth device:


- It's light as a feather. Extremely lightweight (weighs less then 1/2 ounce).
- It's got an "Energizer Bunny" inside. Solid talk-time and battery life performance (4.5 hours of talk time and 8 days standby time)
- It's got range. Decent Range (specs. say 33 foot radius, but it operates even beyond this distance)
- It's not the quiet type. An audible tone will sound when you go outside of the operating range and will sound again once you go back in range (and it re-pairs automatically too).
- It's back up in no time. Rapid Recharge Time (less then 1 hour to fully charge)
- It's almost like being there. The highest sound/call quality I've witnessed in a bluetooth device (and I've had quite a few in my day)
- It's quiet everywhere. The best noise reduction/cancellation device I've witnessed in a bluetooth device (Jawbone made a name for itself for these qualities alone)
- It just fits. Best form fit I've witnessed in a bluetooth device (there are several ear plug adaptors to choice from that will fit virtually every ear shape/size)
- It's got cool factor. It is way more "Star Trek-Next Generation" looking then the other device I reviewed (the other device made me look like an old AT&T operator).
- It's a slamdunk. It works flawlessly with the Samsung Code's Voice Command feature.


I honestly don't have even one complaint about this device, so I'll use this space to comment on what CNET had a problem with:

- We're not thrilled with the hidden buttons on the Jawbone Prime, and the singular volume button is a bit annoying. REBUTTAL: Doesn't bother me in the least and the one button that proved to give me a little problem (the volume button---because of my fat fingers) turned out to be a non-issue (because headset volume can be adjusted directly on the phone during a call).
- The volume is a little softer than we would like at times. REBUTTAL: Then get a hearing aid? I don't have any problems with the volume at all (and my hearing isn't the best ever since serving in the military).

You can learn more about the Jawbone Prime by visiting HERE. To see a head to head review of both the Jawbone Prime and Voyager Pro, visit this LINK.

My advice to anyone reading this article? Don't take my advice. Find out for yourself which one works best for you (I suggest that you go to a retail store that will allow you to return the device and test more then one, that's what I did).

So what did you buy your Samsung Code for your first Xmas together? Share what you purchased by posting a reply below.

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