Monday, December 21, 2009

m.Tip: The Six Things You Can Do Right Now To Improve Your Battery Life (Without Buying Or Installing A Thing)

1. Adjust Power-Management Settings. Adjust power-management settings to decrease screen brightness and also how long the backlight and screen displays stay on.

2. Adjust Synchronization Schedule. Synchronize your device less frequently (once every hour or two, instead of once every five minutes, for example).

3. Use Bluetooth Sparingly. Turn Bluetooth off when you are not using it (if Bluetooth is available on your device).

4. Only Use Discover When You Need It. Use the Bluetooth discoverable mode only when you are trying to establish a Bluetooth partnership.

5. Don't Be So Open To Receive. Select the Receive incoming beams setting only while you are trying to receive beamed files.

6. Turn Off Power-Draining Applications When You Are Not Using Them.

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