Tuesday, December 15, 2009

m.Tip: Have Questions About Your Samsung Code? Download The Owner's Manual In PDF...

When I buy anything, I always look for a PDF copy of the Owner's Manual online.

Why you ask?

I don't want to purchase the Clapper to find it (I have a tendency to lose things)and PDFs are easy to search (I'm impatient).

Download a copy of the owner's manual by clicking HERE (it's about 23MB, so it might take a few).

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  1. Can I watch videos like youtube.com and applications like this on this Samsunbg code phone?

  2. The short answer is YES!

    If you want to shell out a few bucks, check out the Kinoma Player (not only will it allow you to watch YouTube, but it will give you a bunch of other apps that work great on the Samsung Code).

    If you are on a low budget, download a new mobile web browser like Opera (my fav) or Skyfire (a close second).

    Hope this helps.

  3. what is the temporary voicemal password?
    i have a huge back up of voicemails but dont know the temp. password

  4. The temp password is 9999---let me know if that works for you.

    Keep Chilly,

  5. Hi, is there an indicating beep or led flash on my samsung code to alert me when i get a voice or txt msg when i am away from my phone? I cannot seem to locate this in my settings.

  6. I'm aware of four indicators the Samsung Code provides to confirm you have voicemail:

    1. While the phone rings and seconds after the voice mail is left, the Charging Indicator light flashes.
    2. A few moments after someone leaves a VM, the phone can be programmed to give an audible announcement.
    3. An icon (looks like an envelope with a speaker) will appear in the top part of the phone screen.
    4. A VM counter (telling you how many voicemails you have) is option available.

    Hope this helps.


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