Saturday, December 12, 2009

m.Tip---Metro PCS Voicemail For Dummies

Check the guide below for instructions on how to access and manage your voicemails on your Metro PCS Samsung Code i220 smartphone:

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  1. Have you noticed that the code doesn't have a voicemail notification on it. Maybe its just me, but on most phones when you recieve a voicemail it has an envelope or something notifying you of the new message, but mine doesn't. Could it be the home screen layout that I'm using? I use the Samsung Simple.

  2. Hmmm, so are you telling me that you don't see the voice mail symbol (looks like an envelope with a speaker next to it---look at page 23 in your owner's manual for a pic of the icon) when someone leaves you a message?

    Are you able to get voice mail messages at all or is just the missing icon that is the concern?

    I put my desktop settings on Samsung Simple and my voice mail icon still works, so the problem isn't the desktop settings.

    Answer my questions and I'll continue to investigate this on my end.

  3. I'm having the same exact proeblem with my new Samsung Code. I actually see the voicemail icon, but how do I access it? I assumed it would show up and be one the the "message" lines, but it never tells me I have any voicemails. Help!

  4. Ya i also have a similar issue. I have a voicemail icon but no where in the phone does it say how many voicemails i have... you would think there would be a voicemail line in the messaging page... the book doesent say anything on it .... any ideas

  5. To both Reid and Anonymous, what homescreen display settings are you currently using?

    I use Sliding Panel Design (home screen layout setting) and there is another voice mail indicator on one of the panels that tells you how many voice mails you have (in addition to missed calls, missed emails, etc.).

    Check the above link and you will notice a blue phone with telephone wire icon with the number 1 beneath it (which means that I had 1 voicemail).

    Change your homescreen and you should both be OK.

  6. Suppose you want one of the various other Homescreen views. How do you access voicemail THEN?

  7. How do you ACCESS voicemail with a different homescreen?

    The same way you would with any of the Homescreens that are available.

    There are a number of ways to access your voicemail, but the quickest way is (from the homescreen) to press and hold the #1 key.

    Your phone will then call your voicemail box where you will be prompted to enter your password.

    Does that help?


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