Monday, December 28, 2009

First Look: SPB TV & Watching TV On Your Samsung Code

Some of you that have already seen the videos from cubano2031 may have already downloaded the application and come to the same conclusion that I have, but for those that haven't, here are my thoughts.

Application: SPB TV
CAB File:

1. Try before you buy (free trial offer)
2. Ability to purchase application at a 20% discount (an offer was sent shortly after I downloaded the trial version)
3. Problem-free installation
4. Software is compatible with the Samsung Code


1. Limited TV stations are offered in the trial version.
2. Limited English-based programming offered in the trial version.
3. The program rebuffers after about 1-3 seconds of streaming video in Metro PCS' 1X reception environment (this can be improved by piggybacking off your cable modem connection, but it takes the "mobile" out of mobile TV).

Overall Rating:

I'm speaking to the application author about my concerns now and will post any feedback that might lead to an improvement for Samsung Code owners.

Stay tuned...

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