Monday, December 28, 2009

First Look: Kinoma FreePlay (The Free Version Of Kinoma Play)

Kinoma FreePlay is more then just a mere media player, it is almost everything you need in one application to find and play videos, music, news, podcasts and more.

Application: Kinoma FreePlay
CAB Download URL:

  • With Kinoma FreePlay, smartphones have digital media functionality that meets and even exceeds what users expect on their personal computers. Kinoma FreePlay does more than access a user’s local video, audio or pictures – it also includes a built-in content discovery system, Kinoma Guide, the most comprehensive catalog of the freshest, most diverse mobile media content.
  • Kinoma FreePlay provides on-demand access from your phone to an unparalleled range of content:
  • Local files – Play the MP3 music, YouTube video, JPEG pictures, panoramas and audio books on your phone
  • Media services – Share your Audible, Flickr, iDisk, Live365, Picasa Web Albums, and YouTube accounts between your phone and computer
  • Internet – Explore over 500 GB of constantly updated, free streaming podcasts, MP3 music, MP3 radio stations and audio books from thousands of providers including AOL SHOUTcast , CBS Radio, NPR, Forbes and Reuters.
  • Home PC – Access the gigabytes of music, video and pictures on your home PC from your phone – both on-demand streaming and download with ORB
  • Streaming podcasts – Instead of tediously downloading and syncing, podcasts you can stream on-demand, so you are always up to date
  • Media First user interface – When viewing photos, listening to music, or watching video user elements all-but-disappear to keep the focus on the media
  • High quality YouTube – Kinoma FreePlay provides high quality YouTube video by playing the same feeds delivered to your PC, when bandwidth permits
  • Integrated search – Search your phone, your home PC and the Internet to quickly find what you want
  • Menu pod – A beautifully animated dynamic menu providing fast access to many powerful features
Overall Rating

Here are some video snippets that give a better idea of Kinoma capabilities:

Mobile Music

Mobile Podcasts

Mobile Search

Mobile Pictures

There is a lot of content on Kinoma FreePlay (and I can't believe that vendor is holding back even more content to motivate you to purchase the retail version), but I'm beginning to believe that this is the "one size fits all" application that is a must have for every Samsung Code user.

Kinoma Play, work less and play more---I'm believing the hype!

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