Saturday, December 5, 2009

I Need Your Help...

In making this site a better source of latest news & tips on how to maximize your smart phone experience with the Samsung Code.

What do you want or what do you wish was here that isn’t already?

I’ve opened this up from public opinion/comment (you don’t need to register to comment), so please tell me what’s on your mind and how I can make this site a better place.

I remain in your service…


  1. Have you found a way to set mp3's on a storage card as ringtones? I have tried looking for a way, can't seem to do it. I hate to use up my device storage space for ringtones.

  2. Hi, check out this link and tell me if the instructions worked for you:

  3. I LOVE the phone! I enjoy seeing your m.trick files. Windows Mobile apps are a little lacking, but a list of hacks and tricks is great!

  4. You and me both my friend and thanks for the props---you can expand the Samsung Code's compatibility (and as a result, avail yourself to more applications) by installing a Java midlet manager and upgrading your .NET platform.

  5. how bout how to download yahoo messenger...everywhere i look is showing how to use aol and others but no yahoo...has yahoo gone and died away?

  6. Yahoo is neither gone or forgotten.

    Do you want me to tell you how to download the Messenger or would rather have an IM Manager that would allow you to manage your communications with Yahoo and all the others (Google, MSN, AIM, etc.)?

    If you want instructions on how to download Yahoo, I'll post an article about it in 24 hours.

    If you want to learn more about the universal IM manager I was just referring to, read my article on Palringo:

    Let me know what you want.

  7. Do you know of any free weather apps i can DL on my homepage.I like the little weather icon to view current temps and weather on the homepage.

  8. Weather apps, you say?

    Before I comment further, did you know that you can check the weather with MetroNavigator?

    To check it out, just go to MetroNavigator->Maps & Traffic->Weather to search current weather conditions at your GPS location, any of your recent searches and any look up location you desire.

    Now on to your question...

    Are you looking for something like this, but free?

  9. Thanks for the Metro Nav weather tip. It does work well.But i still would like that little weather icon on my homepage so i can see it at a glance.Went to the site you suggested for weather apps and literally found a ton of apps. I know only the ones that apply to windows mobile will do. Do you know of any that are an easy download and that you recommend for my S Code phone?

  10. At the moment, I can't provide an application endorsement but I plan on testing Feather Weather this weekend.

    Check it out here:

    It does offer the features you are looking for.

  11. Thanks boss...i appreciate your timely response. It's great to have a forum like this to answer my questions for my technically challenged self.

  12. I checked out the featherweather app you suggested. It seems to be exactely what i'm looking for. Any tips where i can get started from the beginning to get this on my S code?


  13. How did you make out with the featherweather app this past wknd? Did you have success with it? I had some trouble with it! Can you detail the procedure if possible for this app?

    Thanks my friend

  14. Do you know what the .cab file DL would be for the feather weather DL?

  15. The CAB file is suppose to be somewhere on the following link (, I just haven't had the time to pour through 60+ pages of comments to find it yet.

    If it is out there, I'll find it and share it with you (know I want it).

    Don't give up the faith...

  16. While I'm trying to find a solution to our Feather Weather friend, check out this app (again, it does what you want it to do):

  17. Here is another look at the same alternative program (I'm liking this one as much as Feather Weather now):

  18. My, My you are busy "De-coding". Anyway here is my question. I can see time only on the start screen. I would like to see the time on same bar as the network status and battery life indicators. I've read the book and came across your site in search of it. The only way to see the time now is to exit out of a program. Let me know if find anything.

  19. Hi, on twitter you said something about getting Wi-fi on the samsung code, how can i get that also??? :)

  20. Lina,

    I like that---"decoding" the Samsung Code (why didn't I think of that)!

    Nothing immediate comes to mind, but I'm on the hunt for you right now!

    Stay tuned...

  21. Kell,

    If you interest is in coverting your Samsung Code into a wireless hub/modem so you can use it to get online with a laptop or PC, check this link out for further details:


    If this isn't what you are looking for, let me know.

  22. Lina,

    Check out this freeware application that replaces your battery indicator with the time on the task bar (so you can see it in any app you are in).

    I haven't tested it, so I don't know if it works yet.

    The other way to do this is to do a registry edit.

    Hope this helps...

  23. What would you recommend for converting videos for the samsung code?

  24. Iamremnant,

    Just so I'm clear, are you looking for an application that can convert DVDs content into a video format that plays well on the Samsung Code?

    Please confirm my understanding so I can further assist you.

  25. hello, i wanted to see if you can help me? When i'm on an application for instance the internet, it is loading fine, but then goes back to the home screen because it thinks there is no activity? How do i change these settings? you can email me at thanks.


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