Sunday, December 27, 2009

m.Tip: What You Can Do With Your Samsung Code If You Are Ever Abducted By Aliens (Part 1)

For those not living in New Mexico or rural parts of Nevada this might be a bit of stretch, so feel free to insert another scenario in place of the alien abduction (got drunk last night and woke up in some strange place with a "coyote ugly", you are a party at a stranger's house and your friends bailed on you, your blind date brought you some where "sketchy", etc.).

If you ever find yourself in strange surroundings, use MetroNavigator to help you figure out exactly where you are.

1. Go to Start ---> Metro Apps ---> MetroNavigator start the application.
2. Turn the navigation wheel and highlight "Maps & Traffic" and select OK.

3. Select "Where Am I" and select Map.

4. MetroNavigator will show you where you are on the map (which you can zoom in and zoom out at will) and a banner will appear on the top giving you the exact address of your location.

You aren't out of the woods yet though, stay tuned on what you should do next before...
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