Thursday, November 26, 2009

m.Trick: How To Send A Text Message To Any Mobile Phone Number Using Email

To send a text message (SMS) to any cell phone number using email, simply substitute the intended cell phone where is says "number" below:

- Alltel:
- AT&T:
- Boost Mobile:
- Cricket: TBA
- Clearwire: TBA
- Helio: TBA
- Jitterbug: TBA
- Metro PCS:
- Nextel:
- Powertel:
- Qwest:
- Sprint: or
- Suncom:
- T-Mobile:
- Trumpet: TBA
- U.S. Cellular:
- Verizon:
- Virgin Mobile:

Am I missing any? Let me know and I'll add them.


  1. Awesome Trick. Really enjoying your blog. I just got my phone a few days ago and I've been lookin for a site like this to help me maximize my smartphone experience!!

  2. I'm glad that you like the blog---please let me know how I can better serve you.

    If you are looking for specific tips or assistance, let me know.

  3. Really enjoy your blogs. Just purchased this phone and i like it so far. Texting can be alittle difficult but i'm getting used to it. I travel alot and was wondering if there are any free weather/temperature apps that i can download the icon on my homepage.


  4. Thanks Bigred!

    Before I comment further, did you know that you can check the weather with MetroNavigator?

    To check it out, just go to MetroNavigator->Maps & Traffic->Weather to search current weather conditions at your GPS location, any of your recent searches and any look up location you desire.

    Now on to your question...

    I haven't installed this yet, but you can check out Feather Weather here:

    I'll give it a try over the weekend to confirm that it works on the Samsung Code.

    Good luck!


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