Sunday, December 27, 2009

m.Tip: What You Can Do With Your Samsung Code If You Are Ever Abducted By Aliens (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this miniseries, I taught you how to find out exactly where you are---a lot of good that is going to do if nobody else knows where you are though.

You are outnumbered by your "alien" captors and it is time to send out a lifeline and call in the cavalry to rescue you.

Here is how to use MetroNavigator to tell others where to find you.

1. Will in the Where Am I map view, select Menu.
2. Select Send A Place MSG and hit OK.

3. Use the left soft key to select Add to select your "rescuers".

4. You can choose someone from your contact list, recent call log or you can manually enter someone contact info.

5. Once you have chosen all the people you want to send the Send A Place MSG to, select OK.

6. Your rescuers will receive a notification like the one below containing:

- Your Phone Number
- A Personal Message (if you wrote one)
- The Address Where You Are Located (underneath the personal message)

No more then 5 seconds after you sent an SOS to your posse, you overhear one of your captors---they appear to be up to something and I don't know if its safe for you to stay where you are---if you get a chance, make a break for it right out the...

But make sure you read the final chapter before you make a run for it or else...
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