Saturday, December 19, 2009

m.Tools: The Only Free App That Can Save Your Life---Get It Now Because The Author Wants Microsoft To Charge You For It

Accidents at work/home, car collisions and allergic reactions are just some of the cases in which you might not be able to communicate your personal medical history information with EMR, nurses, doctors, etc.

In some cases, life or death is determined by how quickly a medical professional can determine your emergency point of contact, medical history, blood type, allergies to prescriptions, etc.

God forbid that something should happen to you, but if something should, do you have everything on your person that would assist in your medical treatment?

Now as long as you have your Samsung Code and MyVital, any medical professional will have instant access to all the critical information they need at their finger tips.

This takes about 5 minutes to fill out and your future well-being is well worth the time invested.

To learn more about MyVitals, click HERE.

To download MyVitals, you'll need to download it from Microsoft Windows Marketplace For Mobile. If you reading this post from your Samsung Code, then you can download it by visiting

Get it FREE now before the Software Author starts charging money for this great application (see the thread from the author in which he attempts to rectify a mistake Microsoft made by clicking HERE).

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