Saturday, December 26, 2009

m.Tip: How To Minimize Dropped Calls & Bad Reception On Your Samsung Code

Here are some simple tricks that will allow you improve your cell phone's reception without the need to purchase the so-called "boosting" devices.

- Keep your hands off. The antenna that is. Anything (even your finger) will block the cellular transmission, which will ultimately effect your Samsung Code's signal. The antenna is located on the bottom of your phone.
- Look for windows. Not Windows Mobile, but actual windows when you are in a building. The construction materials used in most buildings (metal, concrete, etc.) weaken your cell phone signal. This holds true when you are driving in your car, you will get better phone reception if you hold your phone on the window side (whether you are driving or a passenger).
- Avoid heavy metal. Not the music (well, that's not a bad idea either), but any piece of metal including but not limited to large metal structures as this will interfere with your cell phone signal.
- Power up. No, I'm not talking about the Power Rangers, but keeping your Samsung Code's phone battery charged at all times. Some cell phones are designed to intentionally weaken the signal strength in an attempt to preserve the battery and increase your talk time.
- When in doubt, turn. Improving your cell phone signal can be done sometimes just by simply turning your body so that you change your proximity to the nearest cell phone tower.
- When turning doesn't work, move. Again, even the slightest movement might improve your proximity to the nearest cell phone tower.
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