Thursday, December 17, 2009

m.Tip: Want To Learn How To Have A 3-Way With Your Samsung Code (Call That Is)? If So, Read On...

Note to self---I probably should re-word the title to this post...

I use my Samsung Code for business, so I find being able to host 3-way conference calls to be pretty handy when I'm out of the office.

To make a conference call between yourself and two other callers on your Samsung Code, simply follow these instructions:

1.While in standby mode, dial the number for the first party, then press SEND
2.When connected, ask them to remain on the line.
3.Press the SEND key to place them on hold.
4.Dial the second party’s phone number and press SEND.
5.When the second party answers, press SEND to connect all three parties.

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  1. this tip is fairly old but it really saved me some headaches! there was nothing in the manual but a quick search in the blog turned this up and it was a lifesaver! thanks!


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