Friday, January 22, 2010

First Project Reincarnated---Want To Be Heard?

For those that have been reading The Code of Metro PCS from the beginning, you know that I waffled when purchasing the Samsung Code.

I stutter-stepped because a sales employee from a certain retail operation that will go unnamed, told me that Metro PCS only works in the "city" ("that's why they call it Metro silly, didn't know that [hair flip, giggle]"? To see the whole story, check out When Best Buy Is Just A Best Buy for further details).

Well, that was 2 months ago and I'm still thinking about that "great advice" I got that day and it got me thinking, why not track where my phone works and where it doesn't and share this information with others for their benefit?

That was the inspiration behind m.Live.

Then there was nothing...

I only recently stumbled across my very first project when I was doing some maintenance to the site and I completely forgot about this...

Well, I'm dusting off the cob webs and bringing this puppy out of mothballs with a twist.
Starting right now (maybe not right now because I'm typing, but as soon as I move I will start), I'm going to start tracking:

- Where my Samsung Code works (gets a signal).
- Where my Samsung Code doesn't work (loses a signal).

And I'm going to track it all on Google Maps so everyone can see it for themselves! To take a look at in action now (remember, I'm really just starting this project) click on the m.Live Wassup Map.

So as I travel the East Coast and beyond, you'll know whether you "can hear me now" by either:

- Visiting the m.Live Wassup Map on from your PC.
- Visiting the m.Live Wassup Map from the Samsung Code.

So join me in the revolution, the Samsung Code revolution...

Want to make the m.Live Wassup Project more useful for yourself and others? Then become a m.Live Wassup Co-Author and Contributor!

Join me in helping create a coverage and dead zone map that is for the people made by the people.

It's easy, it's fun and it's for a good cause, our cause---won't you join me? If you interested in becoming a m.Live Wassup C0-Author and Contributor, please let me know you are interested by leaving a reply in the section below.

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