Monday, January 18, 2010

m.Tip: Do You Want To Know How Fast You Are?

This is the fastest time I clocked my Samsung Code on (multiple tests results using different browsers ranged from 5700 kbps or better during 1MB tests).

See the video below on what my speed was using Opera Mini:

The bottom line?

My Samsung Code is fast, real fast (would you believe that I clocked lower speeds for my cable modem service)!!!

How fast are you? Leave your speed in the reply section below.

How fast is everyone else ? Anyone using Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and any of the other wireless services, let us know how fast you are by posting your speed below in the reply section.

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  1. I've clocked these numbers:

    Opera: 5263.2 Kbps
    Skyfire: 5555.0 Kbps
    Explorer: 1709.0 Kbps with a pretty high latency

    Not bad! Means that I shouldn't have a problem streaming music either :)

  2. how do i get past the agreement screen when installing, Opera mini??

  3. Louis,

    I'm not quite sure what particular part of the start up process you are referring to, so I'll take an educated guess to see if I can get lucky.

    I'm assuming that the agreement screen you are referring to pops up the first time you use the browser and goes something like this:

    Untrusted application Opera Mini wants to sent or receive information from blah blah blah blah...

    If this is the agreement you are referring to, just hit the Left Soft Key to select Yes and repeat to select OK (if the Net Access screen pops up).

    Does that answer your question?


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