Thursday, January 7, 2010

Timesaver's Tip: How To Get Everything You Want Quickly And Easily

I've managed to mash together a lot of content about the Samsung Code and I can only imagine that to someone from the "outside looking in", it might be a bit hard to find exactly what you are looking for when you need it.

Well with this in mind, I hope this next post helps you all find exactly what you are looking for.

Here is a overview of what you will find on the left sidebar of The (samsung) Code Of Metro PCS blog and the tools that I've set up to help you navigate:

Find It & Subscribe
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Follow & Quick Links
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Phone FAQ
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Gadgets, Websites & Find It
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  1. Is there a way to change the items on the home screen? The appointments screen is in the way and I just don't see myself using it in the future. I'm using sliding panel media if that helps.

  2. Also, I can't get Metronav to work. It seems to try to open. But when it does It doesn't do anything I have to hit the home screen. And I can only close it with the taskmanager.

  3. Let's start with the issue you are having with MetroNavigator.

    Help me better understand your problem by answering the following questions:

    - Is it locking up in the "checking your subscription" screen?
    - Did MetroNavigator work when you originally purchased the phone, but know it doesn't?
    - What is the screen are you on when MetroNavigator freezes?

    Hopefully I have a remedy after I have some answers.

  4. It has never worked. I got the phone for my 18th birthday about a week ago and have yet to get it to work. When I start it from the start menu it doesn't start. I'll post a picture of what it looks like after I try to open it.

    At the top there it just says Metro Navigator but doesn't open. It just sits there. In order to do anything I have to hit the home button.

    When I open the task manager it comes up as using using 84.0K And using 0 CPU usage.

  5. Nevermind. I figured out what the problem was. I originally deleted the link for MetroNav and Metro 411 and Copy and pasted it to the start menu. What I didn't realize was that I copied the exe and not a shortcut. So I was running the exe alone and without the other files that are with it in its Program Files folder. Thanks for the time on that one man.

  6. I'm glad to hear it's resolved and wished I could have been more help.

  7. As to changing the home screen and removing the appointment section of the sliding media panels, I'm sure a tool like this could get it done (I have tried doing the tweak or the tool yet---I just found it):

    Let me know if this does the trick.

  8. Iamremnant,

    Are you still with me?

    How ambitious are you feeling? The changes you requested can only be accomplished by registry tweaks...

    Still interested?


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