Friday, January 1, 2010

m.Tip: Do You Want To Learn How To Create Free Ringtones Using Itunes & A Song From A CD?

Do you spend hours trying to find free ringtones for your Samsung Code? How much of that time is spent listening to ringtones before you download them?

Well, I don't do that.

Instead, I like to create my own ringtones based on the "sounds" that I like and this tutorial will show you how you can make your Samsung Code ring based on whatever your "sound" is too.

Before diving into the lesson, my crack shot legal team (wink wink) has advised me to put forth the following disclaimer, "you're about to receive advice on how to create ringtones intended to be used from music/sounds that you have legally acquired and or purchased. This advice is not intended to be used by anyone to "cheat" anyone or any entity from its intellectual property, copyrights and or trademark rights. No further or followup advice will be offered on how to create ringtones from music/sounds acquired in a manner not consistent with the current governing laws".

This is what you'll need to create your "sounds" for your Samsung Code:

- PC
- ITunes
- A Music CD containing the music/song/sound that you want to use.

Before you can create your ringtone, you'll need to Change the default import settings from ITunes (AAC Encoder) to MP3:

1. Open up your ITunes application.
2. Go to Edit ---> Preferences and the following pop-screen will appear:

Click Image To Zoom
3. Click on the Import Settings button (located in the middle right of the pop-up menu) to active a new pop-up menu like this:

Click Image To Zoom
4. Select MP3 Encoder from the Import Using drop down menu.

Click Image To Zoom
5. Click OK twice to close down both pop-up menus and to save the new import settings.

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