Friday, January 1, 2010

m.Tip: Do You Want To Learn How To Create Free Ringtones Using Itunes & A Song From A CD?-(Continued)

Now that you have setup Itunes to import your songs in a MP3 format (if you haven't done this yet, visit Part 1 of this article for further details), you are one step closer to creating your own "sounds" on your Samsung Code.

1. Insert the CD (containing the song you want to rip a ringtone from) into your PC's CD/DVD drive and open it up using your ITunes player.
2. A pop up screen will appear asking if you want to import the CD to your ITunes library, select No to continue.

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3. Preview the song you want to extract a ringtone from and write down the following:

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- The Start Time in the section of the song you want to begin your ringtone from.
- The End Time where you want to end your ringtone (please note that ringtones can not exceed 39 seconds in length).

4. Move the song you selected into your ITunes Music library for further customization (just drag and drop it).

5. Right click your mouse while hovering over the song you imported into and the following pop up menu will appear:

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6. Select Options and add the Start Time and End Time you wrote down in Step#3 and then select OK to save.

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7. Right click your mouse while hovering over the song and select Show in Windows Explorer from the drop down menu to activate the File Manager.

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8. Drag the file you just created to your desktop or directly to your smartphone's memory and you are done.
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