Monday, January 18, 2010

m.Tools: Want To Know What Does Not Work On Your Samsung Code?

I don't know why I didn't think of this before...

I'm writing about all these great things that the Samsung Code can do and what applications can be used with your Smart Phone, but I haven't bothered to tell you what doesn't work.

I've tested many applications that just didn't make sense for the Samsung Code, but it only dawned on me this weekend that maybe some of you would be interested in learning "where I have been" (so you don't waste your time going down the same path).

With this is mind, I will begin to assemble a document that will look like the one below so that everyone knows what doesn't work on the Samsung Code (or so you will know what not to waste your time with):


: NRG Mini Chome Weather
Cab File: NRG Mini Chome Weather

I should have a Master List posted at this link within a week.

Do any of you want to help? Let me know what you have tested on your Samsung Code, I'll test it and if it doesn't work, I'll add it to the Master List.

What do you think?


  1. Good idea. I've learned from painful experience that not everything works as it is supposed to.

  2. Excellent---want to share the "pain" (ful experiences) so nobody else meets with the same fate?

  3. Hello. I love the site. Just got a samsung code for christmas and believe me this site made me make the decision to get one over that touch screen crap one. Love it! My question is have you found a way to get fpsece running on the code? Even pocket uno would help too! everytime i install them they just freeze when i open em. It supposed to be compatible with windows 6.1. Any help would be appreciated!


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