Friday, January 15, 2010

New Plans Comes With New Problems?

One of the many changes at Metro PCS this week are rate changes for their plans (Metro PCS is now bundling the cost of taxes and associated fees into the plan).

For more information on the rate plan changes, you can check:

Apparently some of the "early adopters" (those that wanted to take immediate advantage of the cost savings that the new plan provides) are now suggesting that some functionality has been compromised when they transitioned to the new plan.

Check out this thread on Howard Forums for the type of issues that are being talked about:

Have any of you experienced any problems when you migrated to the new plan? Inquiring minds want to know...


  1. This is unforunately an issue the popped up when we started selling smartphones. There are two $50 plans BUT the sales person needs to code the phone correctly so that the data plan can be accessed. Otherwise your Code won't work with any of the HTML apps or browsers.

    Some of the code names changed with the new plan provisioning at the stores and it may have caused confusion behind the counter. When you purchase a phone from MetroPCS, make sure that the person doing the activation sets up your phone correctly :)

  2. This gives me pause in buying a Code. What is the point of buying an almost $300 smartphone if Metro is just going to cripple its best features?

  3. What I understand after researching this further was that you aren't "losing" anything, you just might "lose" something for awhile (if your phone isn't configured properly after you convert to the new plan).

    MetroPCS NY, is my take on this situation accurate?

    OmegaWolf747, I haven't gone to the new plan yet and I haven't lost anything---if anything, I've gained (performance wise anyway---see my article on mobilespeedtest for further details.


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