Monday, January 18, 2010

First Look: (Elecont Weather) Do You Want A Weather Forecast On Your Home Screen?

Wouldn't it be cool it have a 10 day weather forecast like this right on your home screen?

That's exactly what you get when you combine Elecont Weather and the Timesaver's Interface!

Application: Elecont Weather
CAB Download URL:

1. Application is compatible with the Samsung Code
2. Application is compatible with the Timesaver's Interface
3. Problem-free installation
4. Easy to set up and use
5. You can install the application on your SD Card to save main memory space.
6. No subscription fees
7. Application can support 12 different languages.
9. Application can provide up to date weather forecasts for 51,000+ worldwide locations.
10. Can "try before you buy" (3 day trial version)


1. It costs money.


1. Sliding panel support
2. Barometer readings
3. Severe weather alerts available in the US
4. Accurate 10 day forecast for both day and night
5. Extended weather descriptions (air pressure, ultra violet index, humidity and visibility)
6. Pressure and Temperature graphs
7. Ice Alerts
8. Get weather in 51,000+ worldwide locations
9. Hour by Hour forecast
10. "Feels Like" Temperature readings
11. Support in 12 different languages

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