Monday, November 30, 2009

Problem With Google's Blogger Mobile-Part Duh

As promised, I'm writing about my "band-aid" approach to getting around Blogger Mobile's lack of support for Metro PCS (could this be the start of a revolution...).

My "thumb in the dike" fix for today is called Mail2Blogger.

Setting up the Mail2Blogger was real simple and it took less then 2 minutes to complete.

For those interested in how-to:

1. Sign in to your blog account.
2. After logging on, click the "Settings" button.
3. Click on the "Email & Mobile" button.
4. Enter up to 10 email addresses to the "Blogsend" text box in the Email Notification section.
5. Enter a unique password into the Email Posting Address in the Posting Options section.
6. Choose your preferred posting option (post live or post as a draft).
7. Click on the "Save Settings" button.

Once completed, you are good to go.

Although I'm glad there is a makeshift solution to my Blogger Mobile problem, I'm won't be content until; 1) Google supports the Metro PCS platform, 2) I find a third party app that allows me to do what Mobile Blogger does.

Stay tuned as I continue my crusade.

Until then...

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