Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Find Out Who Won The "Should We Send Yours Truly To The Yahoo Electric Chair" Contest

I know I said I'd announce a winner to the "Should We Send Yours Truly To The Yahoo Electric Chair" Contest today, so here goes...

And the winner of the FREE $20 Metro PCS Features Card is...

I don't know!

I can't make up my mind and in the spirit of the proceedings, I'll open this up to the "court of public opinion".

I want all of you to take one second and vote for your most favorite response and the person/response with the most votes will win the prize.

Here are the contestant's entries:

Submitted by Anonymous:

Ignorant choices of words to attract traffic to your blog my friend. It's quite obvious they are going after you simply for saying "visit my site for hacks."

Submitted by KumbiaKid:

LMAO!!! You EVIL hacker!! I think you probably made the Federal Watch List with that one! Yahoo blows and they can kiss my A**! The only reason they are messing with you is cause Google owns your blogsite. Good luck and if they refuse to reinstate your account start another blog just to annoy the hell out of them! I'll be your first follower AGAIN! Yahooooooooo SUUUUUUUCKSSSS!!

Submitted by jo's art:

I most definitely agree with KumbiaKid. Yahoo freakin sucks monkey balls. They're just gealous they don't have the amount of following Google does. I hate beaurocratic hypocrits!Damn pencil pushers... I won't name any names for the sake of Yahoo... oops... hahaha! I think you most definitely should start up another blog just to piss them off. Dare I say; I demand it! I have spoken, so shall it be... hehehe All seriousness aside... Keep doin what ya do. Love the blog. I can't wait to get my Sam Code and it's all to your persuasive commentary sir! I'd kiss ya... but I can't,so I won't. ;p Ciao! Have a nice night guy!

Here are some pointers on how to pick the winner:

Pick the answer that best meets the original contest rules---see below for a copy:

* Posts a reply to this article in the section provided below (any replies that are attached to any other articles other then this one will not be considered).
* Answers the final verdict question correctly (will Yahoo find me guilty or innocent after they get the message I have written above).
* Provides the most thoughtful, detailed and articulate answer (I don't care if you agree or disagree with me).

So, who will it be---Anonymous, KumbiaKid or jo's art?

You tell me by typing the name of your favorite poster below in the reply section.


  1. I like jo's art because he called Yahoo a bunch of pencil pushing bureaucrats.


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