Monday, February 15, 2010

Use The Secret To Get Some At

I was traveling last week and had USA Today delivered every morning.

So when I came across the "Don't have a smart phone? GetJar has apps for plain old cellphones" article on Thursday, I thought I'd check it out (after all, I have never heard of this site until I read this article).

Do you know what I found for the Samsung Code SCH-i220?

De Nada...

How could this be, 60,000 applications for virtually every operating system and not a one for little ole me?

For those that don't know The Secret, your visit to might be brief---but for those that have read my previous article on how to increase your smart phone's application compatibility, you might find some "oldies but goodies" at GetJar that you didn't know about.

Hint...Search for applications using phones that are compatible with the Samsung Code.

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